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Thread: Hinds for Breeding / Hinds for Meat

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    Hinds for Breeding / Hinds for Meat

    Looking for help.
    I have a client who is also a very good friend with too many hinds this is the first problem. The second is hes a funny old bugger.
    He wants to sell some of them, no problem there. Now the hinds blood line is from Whittlebury Park and they are 4 years old all had calves. Average weight is 120 kg. ( alive). Good size good blood.
    Now he loves the hinds hates the stags. Quote " the only good stag after September is a deaden ". A sale was agreed with a guy up north who bough 40 earlier this year as breeding stock. To his horror found out that they arrived up north for a day or two fresh air and grass only to wind up at the supermarket for the weekend.
    He was not only gutted but is now once bitten twice shy.

    So my question is.
    Any one looking for good breeding stock or know of anyone.
    Or where the best place to advertise.
    An auction or slaughterhouse are not an option.

    Cheers Andrew.

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    Hi Andrew a good place to advertise them is on the british deer parks and farms assocaition website but you have to be a member

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    Thank you for that.

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    These Hinds wouldn't be from the Ashby area would they ?

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    If it was an outright sale then he has no say in what happens to the animals after that point unless some binding legal conditions were put on the sale. If you want to do your best to ensure the living conditions will be good for deer you are selling as "breeding stock" then it definitely pays to do your homework on the prospective purchaser. As suggested above the BDFPA would be a good starting point or ask some its members. If you care about your animals that is a small effort to make.

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    you might want to try contacting Hexgreave Hall in farnsfield notts. The guy there has a big herd of reds and he only breeds them because he loves them. He doesn't sell them off for meat.

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