Well, after starting with a shotgun (Beretta A400 light field) a good 18 months back after coming back from the continent and leaving all my weapons there, I went and bought a CZ452 which I then converted with a Boyds laminate thumbhole (ala 455), a trigger job, Wildcat Whisper moderator, handmade leather sling, and bipod in 17hmr. Then I decided I needed something for in the barns, and something that have me more range for foxes too. So I put in a variation for an air rifle (Cometa 400 Fenix 22 in 18ft/lbs) and a centrefire (CZ550 in 22-250 American Varmint, heavy barrel and Boyds laminated ventilated stock) with a Wilcat Predator 8 moderator. Well it took 17 weeks for the variations to come through (4 of those because I moved house), and in that time I lost my scope and weaver 20mm rail and rings, and the gunshop managed to order the moderator for the standard barrel not the heavy barrel (different thread size). So no have had to reorder the moderator, and also had to order a scope, bipod, weaver rail and rings
Oh well, will get it all sooner or later. Then I've been shooting everything in all calibres for over 50 years, and because I got fed up waiting and got BASC to chase them (result it came within 2 weeks) they put a 6 month supervision order on me FFS