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Thread: lamping with .270

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    lamping with .270

    as above, my conditions allow it, i.e. open cert and aolq, iv got slots for .243 and .270 free at the mo after selling my other .243, i was thinking about getting just one rifle in .270 and spending all of my budget on one good quality rifle/scope combo. would the .270 be ok for foxes at night? i used my .243 for a while and thought it was ideal. would you get 2 rifles or just the one?


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    If you are lamping fox on some large tracts of open ground, well away from habitation, I would be happy to use .270, or indeed any other calibre on upwards.
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    You may find you struggle to get it conditioned for foxes on their own.

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    No reason why not!!
    If you reload you should be well away as in that Hornady make a 110 V-max that will work in the 270..
    So when used for Foxing you will have good expansion and velocity..
    If you planning to have just one rifle and decent scope , why not budget for a sound moderator to keep the noise levels down whilst out lamping and stalking!!
    All the best.

    PS......... Just realized your from Cornwall too!!!

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    tom my smallest cal is 270 i use mine for foxing a large free range chicken farm just like any other cal make sure you have a safe backstop or get up high and use the ground for your stop,just stick with it if thats what you need atb,wayne
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    Might be a little more expensive to run.

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    As has been said, stick a moderator on it, no problems.....

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    Mine was issued for hares when i first got it will be fine for foxes

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    No more expensive to run than a 243, one sure thing is they don,t move far.

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    It is my only centre fire rifle. I haven't had any complaints from any of the foxes I've shot in lamp light.

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