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Thread: Hello all, from Wilts/Hants

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    Hello all, from Wilts/Hants

    My name is George I'm 39. I live on the South Wilts / Hampshire border. I was a game keeper for three years when leaving school. Later studied conservation management and worked for the Forestry Commision wildlife dept studying deer populations. I now run my own agricultural engineering business .
    I have been shooting since a child mainly only SG and AG since packing in the gamekeeping but have recently got into stalking with agreat guy I know who has been mentoring me on Fallow and Roe with his Steyr .243. I have recently completed my DSC1 and just sent off for my FAC in .22 and .243 (haven't had visit yet).
    Am looking forward to my first solo stalk on one of my two small permisions (total 370 acres).
    Am loving the forum (its alot less gung-ho than some and the contributors seem to have a lot of decent experience) and looking forward to learning loads more.

    All the best George

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    Welcome to SD George, good luck with your FAC application & looking forward to hearing about you first solo stalks.


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    Hi, another reasonably local person. Myself and pheasantsniper1 are located around the Wimborne /Poole area.

    Whereabouts on the Wilts/Hants border?

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    Hi Sako85, I'm up at Whiteparish on the other side of the Forest from you guys . Do you get onto the Sika and Reds down your end?
    P.S. I'm one of those who PM 'd you about your S& B

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    No reds, they tend to traverse from Whiteparish down through Hamptworth and across the A31 around Burley way.

    My mate is a stalker at Whiteparish, employed by Belgians.

    I used to go to Hamptworth stalking a bit, but since there stalker left i havnt been back.

    Got access to a Sika, Roe and Fallow with a few Munties and Reds in Devon.


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