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    Starting out

    Just on here to find out about this with a view to possibly taking it upWhat preparation and training do u need to go stalking for the first time?
    Are there experienced people with equipment you can pay to take you out on a trip?
    How many people go in one stalking group?
    Is there a list of locations where you can stalk?

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    Stalking is fundamentally simple - you walk about, spot a deer, put a hole in it to make it dead, drag it to the car and go home. The only less involved sport is walking around and not shooting anything.

    I would suggest if you are a beginner that you book a day or two with a respected stalker who will welcome a beginner and is willing to spend some time on the target teaching you to shoot. IanF on here gets a really good reputation for this but there are also a lot of others who also get a really good name and who welcome beginners. My money says that you can be taught to shoot well enough to cleanly kill deer in a few hours.

    Once you get out with someone and see what is involved you can decide if it is for you and you can also see the skills you need. If you go out with an experienced stalker in a woodland situation then all you will need is suitable clothing and boots and most people have something for the job in their wardrobe already. You certainly don't need to spend a lot of cash and if you want to buy clothing then mil surplus is the place to look at reasonable money.
    For self catering accommodation on the Isle of Lewis please visit:

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    Google Jonathan Standing deer stalking and use his phone number not email. His ground is in the Lakes so not too far, he has woodland and hill red and roe.
    Good luck.

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    If you are really interested just put up a post asking for a Pro stalker or similar in your area. Job done Best of luck

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    WJ if you want to PM me with your phone number I will see what I can sort out for you.

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    Good to see new people getting in to stalking

    atb kev
    History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.

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