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Thread: Deer/sporting dogs to Europe and back?

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    Deer/sporting dogs to Europe and back?

    Now that the law allows us to take our pet dogs on holiday with us, subject to various conditions, I just wondered if anyone takes/has taken their tracking dog, retreiver, terrier ... or whatever... with them on sporting trips to the continent yet.

    If you have will you please tell us about how it went. ie. Where you went, what kind(s) of dog and what sort(s) of sport....?

    I'm particularly keen on the idea taking at least one of my terriers (the tracker) with me to France and Spain.

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    hi tamus,
    speak with your vet they will give you the gen on the pet passport, but its very straight forward to get now as legislation changed earlier this year and this has made it cheaper and less hassle, "may well not be for the best though IMHO"

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    Yes, I have already taken my dogs away this year. Its very easy, no waiting, no hassle, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, as did the dogs!

    Dont hold back, get down your vets and get their passports sorted, its about 60 quid per dog and they have them for life!

    I hunted in France, Spain, Belgium. But you can go almost anywhere, though some countries have their own stipulations regarding dogs entering their country, so check before hand if the country you intend to go to has any particular laws you have to abide by. (france/Spain dont and are a joy to travel with the dogs in my experience)

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    If you are going to take them

    a) Think if you really want to expose them to any of the endemic diseases in Europe, mostly tick or file borne
    b) If you really have to, then make sure they are fully covered with the correct anti tick/fly products

    Borreliosis, Leismaniasis, Heartworm and Ehrlichiosis are the bg four.


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    Buchan has it right. it would have to be exceptional circumstances that led me to take my dogs overseas. just aint worth the risk/hassle. each to their own i suppose.
    Big bloke... but outta shape

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    Its not that big a risk, I treat my dogs against ticks/worms etc more regularly than usual... I will be going over every year with working dogs

    I have met up with many others that work their dogs in Europe and they have not had many problems with disease at all. In fact most of my french and Spanish acquaintances get few problems with their dogs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ade C View Post
    Buchan has it right. it would have to be exceptional circumstances that led me to take my dogs overseas. just aint worth the risk/hassle. each to their own i suppose.
    I've taken my dogs through europe for the past 10 yrs from the far north of norway and sweden all the way through to the Spanish side of the Pyrennes, and all countries inbetween inc Poland and Italy. Not once have I had a problem. More likely to pick up a human illness in my mind. Clearly I'd use the same rules as I do in the UK ie. dont walk/excercise the dogs in suspect or unclean areas, watch what the pick up etc when off the lead.

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    I took mine to Austria this year and slovakia a couple of years ago. They must have changed the pet passport alot if it only costs 60 a dog now and the process used to have to be started at least 6 months prior to travel to allow for rabies jabs and then checks 3 months later and re-jab if not taken.

    We have had one or two problems but nothing that a bit more knowledge or nous could have avoided. Driving back from Slovakia we wished to visit a breeder in central france so drove the length of Austria only to find switzerland in the way who not being in the EU are not party to the pet passport scheme as far as we knew, so had to head up into germany then across on a bit of a detour.

    And when we got back to the chunnel having had no definite return date and consequently not pre booked, found that they wanted 45 pound per dog to check them in. Having no choice we paid up thinking they were going to have to call a vet out so fair enough. A standard looking security type turned up looked at the passports then handed me the scanner for micro chips and wrote down the numbers, 2 minutes of a 8.00 an hour guards time, well ripped off. Luckily we only had 2 with us on that trip.

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