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Thread: Sauer 202 Classic .243 Factory Ammo - Advice please!!

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    Sauer 202 Classic .243 Factory Ammo - Advice please!!

    Hi Guys;

    Had the .308 barrel on for sometime now, Doe season fast approaching I'm reverting back to the .243 barrel prely out of preference. Previous loaded my own, old cliche about not having time and to be honest not putting enough stalking in or rounds through the barrel that i need plenty ammo. Sold all my loading gear recently to a pal. I have used federal classic's previous, grouping was nowt to write home about. Just wondering any lads or lasses on here can pass on any experianced advice as to a 100gr factory bought ammo that will shoot a half decent group.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hornady sst (95grn) works great through my rifle, whether it suits yours though.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenhillstairs View Post
    That a Sauer 202 Mike?
    Sorry no it's not. But I have heard others liking the accuracy of the SST's with different rifles. Mine's a Tikka T3 btw.

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    When I first got my Sauer 202 in 243 I used Sako 100gr (can't remember the actual type) and they worked very well. Now reload my own 100 gr.


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    Try 100grn norma i have had two Sauer 202s and used them professionly over the past 20 years both rifles have shot these very well -1"" groups . W.S.....
    Walk little- look often .

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    I've been using Norma 75grn v-max through mine, nice tight groups on paper and good effect on roe / fox etc.

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    My Sauer 202 Outback .243 responds very well to 90gr Sako, 100gr Sako and 100gr RWS.



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    Thanks very much Gents for all the sound advice. Norma got a few mentions, suppose thats a good starting point. That said contacted both my local gunsmiths,only ammo they are out of is .243 100gr Norma!! Suppose that could mean high demand or no demand!! Ile let You know how i get on in due course.

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