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Thread: CWD Photography

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    CWD Photography

    Can anyone recommend anywhere with public access that offer's a good chance of photographing some CWD's?

    Thank you,


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    Several of the broadland nature reserves in norfolk, like Hickling broad, strumpshaw fen etc, they are regularly very visible.

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    quite a lot visible around woburn

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    Woodwalton Fen Nature Reserve, which is near Ramsey Hunts, has a substantial population of Chinese Water Deer. The reserve is open to the public but no dogs allowed.
    If you lie on the north or west bank overlooking the fields, at dawn, you should see plenty. Similarly in the evening too. Give full moon a miss though.
    I have had them pass within six feet of me as they cross the bank.
    If you visit at dawn, keep an eye out for the stalking signs as we control the Muntjac in this nature reserve. There are always plenty of areas not involved with the stalking and where you can watch CWD.

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    Woburn is probably the best place you will ever find to take pics of CWD.... They are used to public walking around so making pics easier to take
    buy a ticket to the deer park and go fill your boots....

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    Thanks for the replies chaps. I go to Woodwalton fen for dragonfly photography but have never seen one there through the summer months so thought they might only be there in small numbers.

    Stone that feels like cheating!

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    Every time I go to Woburn there has been a cracking CWD buck in the small grass paddock just as you turn into the deer park. He's as good a buck as you'll see anywhere and lets you get to within 15 foot of him easily.

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    Check out the fields & farmland around Woburn, Steppingley & Ampthill. They're everywhere & easily seen from the road/lanesides between now & Feb.! ATB
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    Hi cougar
    if you do go to above area and you see a stalker give me a wave ha ha
    regards andy

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