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Thread: Parker Hale bore guide?

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    Parker Hale bore guide?

    Hi there,
    I know there are a few PH experts on here so thought i'd ask for a bit of advice.
    I bought a Parker Hale Midland in .308 today and am looking for a bore guide for cleaning. Cheap is good in this case as I didn't pay much for the rifle.
    Any hints?

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    Mike Not cheap, but made not far from you, give David a call if you can't see exactly what you need.

    Regards JCS

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    That's the chap i was trying to think of .

    The other option might be:-

    The midland uses a Springfield 1903 type bolt.

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    I'll add my support to Dave's work - I have a few bits he has made me for us, always 1st class work and a nice guy to boot!

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