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Thread: Empty cases

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    Empty cases

    Hi everyone,
    My 9 year old son has informed me he would like to collect fired rifle cases in as many different calibers as possible. To do this he would need a lot of help from a lot of people .
    I would be willing to send a stamped addressed envelope to anyone who would be willing to help in his quest.
    At the moment he has the following , .22.250, .243, .223, .300win, .30.06.
    Many thanks

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    I have plenty of 243, 17HMR and 22LR if that helps.

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    I have a 6.5 and a .22lrf to add to his collection if he needs em 8)

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    I can let you have some 6.5x55, .308, 300WSM, .375 H&H might be able to scrounge a couple of others of a mate?????


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    I have a few WWII cases in a drawer somewhere, tracer rounds I think. Let me know if you want a couple and I'll see if I can dig them out

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    I can donate 22-250, 223, 308, 7.92, 300WSM, 243WSSM, 303, 7.62x54, 7.62x39 plus (if he wants them) 32ACP, 9MM, 38SP, 357MAG, 50AE and 50SW pistol rounds
    PM an address and they will be in the post same day

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    i hav .22 win mag and 30-30 that ain't on the list but will put in a couple .308 , .375 .38 sp just incase
    pm me an address and i will post them out to you
    good luck with his collection

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    I have a mans calibre non of these girlie calibres here "264 winmag"
    Will even load it with a nonexpanding bullet head for him..Inert of course.


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    That's a good idea Griff. Send griff the envelope and i'll load up an inert 7.5x55 swiss & 45LC (i think you have my others: 308,270, 30-06, 22-250, 223)..i may still have some 45/70, 45/90and 338 lapua mag around.
    I'll drop them into Griff when next passing.

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