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Thread: Sika on South of Loch Awe at Dalmally

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    Sika on South of Loch Awe at Dalmally

    Well Paul from Barony is a happy bunny tonight having shot the first 6 pointer Sika stag on our new permission. He saw another yesterday and the one shot tonight had a Sika hind and follower with it. Sika do exist on the south side of Loch Awe

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    Paul seem's to be pulling all the stops (getting the results) well done.

    Andy never mind you can reminisce when your walking the dog !

    Rgds Buck
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Surprised that they aren`t a common sight in that area. They seem to have moved rapidly up the west coast from Dumfries.

    You must be well chuffed, I know I would be !

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    I though I heard on before but yesterday I saw one and today another that was less lucky. The best bit is though that I knocked the back box off the puggy 306 on a big stone half way down the forest track on the way down but made it home with some rusty fence wire now holding the exhaust up. There was reds everywhere today and the big boys were still roaring on the hill so they're not completely finished. There's even a video of the sika which I'll get up later It's a pity the exhaust got dinged as the game plan was to head up north to just past lairg.... and look for sika there lol

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    The locals have been pretty good at culling Sika as soon as they have appeared upto now.

    Are you at Ardbrecknish or Eredine?

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    Excellent well done that man.


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    I am surprised none of you guys have put any pics up of the area mentioned,some of my favourites,..

    sorry about the sizes!
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    Well done Paul nice Animals the Sika and a real hard stalk. Andy i am sure you will get your share mate stalking has a way of leveling things out.
    I am sure your car will be fine paul save me a steak or two of the stag lol.

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    They have been south of loch awe for many years

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    Both sides have had Sika for over 30 years now. Hybrids have been very common on the west side for over 20 years. They all originate from Kintyre.

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