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Thread: Good find for the Young Dog

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    Talking Good find for the Young Dog

    I was out stalking last night with guests when I received a call from a fellow guide who's client had lost a fallow pricket.

    I took note of the directions and once the light had gone took my guest back and dropped him off. Then set off to meet my friend on arrival my friend briefed me. His guest was sittting up unacompanied and had shot from a highseat but had not accurately marked the location of the deer before he fired. The two of them had searched for an outshot before the light had gone. We couldn't find an outshot or any blood.

    At this point I have seen many people declare it as a miss. I fetched the Wirehaired from the truck. As I fitted her flashing collars she was already wound up as she knew what her job was. I decided the work her along the woodland edge to see if she could pickup a trail. Soon she was onto something and it was in the rough location of the where the pricket had been. She crossed the deep ditch into the wood and was definitely on a trail. About 300m into the hazel coppice she had latched onto the pricket and had it pinned I arrived and a quickly slipped my knife through the atlas joint swiftly ending the fallow prickets suffering.

    On gralloching the animal the lack of an outshot or blood was due to the entry wound being in the haunch and altough there was an exit though the brisket it was completely sealed by the stomach.

    So well done little dog and a feast of diaphragm and heart for Dinner!

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    nice ending Mr Lewis, well done to the both of you, ill bet the client was relieved
    all the best

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    nice one and well done to you and your dog

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    Well done Storm! Now the phone call makes sense!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    Well done Storm! Now the phone call makes sense!
    Yes and the answer was

    Sire - Trudvang Modi
    Dam - Kenmillix Starbreeze of Bryantscroft.

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