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Thread: Introducing myself

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    Introducing myself

    Been on this forum for ages but found I had to re register so here goes again.
    Been stalking for about 40 years now and shotgun shooting a bit longer. I used to be a professional stalking guide (sika, red & roe) by renting grounds and managing deer but after so many requests for other sports started my own sporting agency 25 years ago. I now operate in Scotland, Poland & South Africa. I'm one to the longest established owner managed sporting agents in the UK. Seems to be quite a bit of sneering posts here and there about people making money out of fieldsports - well, I'm proud to say that I keep the equivalent of about 10 people fully employed in rural Scotland.
    I'm lucky enough to have either guided or participated in almost every form of (legal) shooting & stalking available in the UK and further afield from woodcock over pointers to sika stalking. My weakness is still a good day pigeon shooting or driven wild boar in Poland (no fences!). I'm too busy looking after clients to actually do much shooting or stalking (folk seem to think sporting agents play all the time - wrong!!).

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    Good to have you on board. Be glad to have your input in some of the debates on here. It must be a big responsibilty knowing you've 10 wages to pay every month. Not sure I could take the pressure!


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    Hello CS5. Welcome to the site. Blimey! you have certainly got some experience under your belt. I can foresee that you will get your brains picked quite a bit on here and your input will be most appreciated.

    Good Luck


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    cs5 welcome to the site and and honest intro
    might use you for a trip to scotland in the future
    regards pete .

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    i think i went to poland with you in feb lost my gun go it back a day late
    good trip but never got a pig BUT a yank got a gold

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    Quote Originally Posted by bert williams
    i think i went to poland with you in feb lost my gun go it back a day late
    good trip but never got a pig BUT a yank got a gold
    Yes, that's me Bert. Hope it did not make you sick seeing how 10 sober men got on in January? It's on this page

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    Nice pictures.
    I see it was somewhere near Olsztyn.

    That's were I was born and shot a few boars as well

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