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Thread: Black Roe Buck

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    Black Roe Buck

    Hi Guys
    I have found a dvd which featured black roe bucks in germany and this has got me seriously concidering finding out more,however in a copy of the sporting rifle there was a Uk guide who was featured who made refrence to organising trips for black roe...............................just bloody typical I now can't find the mag!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can anyone help me out


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    Not sure if this will help i was looking the other day at this i shot a very dark buck a few years ago known as black but he was just very dark grey.

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    hi 6pointer
    thats the buck I'd be after they dont look real when you see a picture just not what you expect great footage

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    [IMG][/IMG]This was at the Jagd and Hund show in Germany, there was also another on display, theyre seems to be a few (melanistic roe) in Germany and i have also seen them from time to time in Polish hunting magazines, but have never heard of any recorded in the UK, hopefully somebody on here will tell us otherwise


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    Kim Jansen does them in Germany. I think they are 2000Euros a pop though!

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