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Thread: Free to good home

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    Free to good home

    I have surplus a RCBS RS5 reloading press and scales + a powder measure...
    I would like to donate these to an up and coming reloader,and not someone who would just like to collect them...
    So what I am looking for is the members of SD to come up with a worthy candidate.
    All I ask is the cost of the postage..
    Please do not PM me, keep it an open thread..

    If there is more than one name put forward then I will ask one of the admin team to choose..


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    Hi griff,
    I would be grateful if you would consider me for your generous offer.
    I would make good use of the kit and would be looking to reload three calibres .243,.270.30-06.
    I suppose you will be over subscribed itís a fab offer.



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    Why not auction them for 'Help for Heroes'?
    I'm sure people wouldn't mind a bit of dosh heading in that direction!

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    Hi GRIFF you might be able to come to my rescue i have a 222, 243 & on the verge of possailbe getting a 308 might have to swap or ask for early xmas present but with the price factory ammo now it is holding me back stalking etc a couple of mates said they will take time out to show me how to reload when i aquire the neccary gear could this be my lucky day lets hope so i wont hesitate in paying p-p fingers crossed

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    Have been thinking about starting reloading for a while. I would gladly put a donation into the H4H fund and cover the cost of P+P.
    Would like to be considered fornyour genorous offer.

    Many thanks.


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    Reloading kit


    Im sure there may be more worthy recipients but please consider me for your kind offer.



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    right lads!
    Heres the deal £25 donation to Help for Heroes and I will stand the postage..
    I will ask admin if they will do the draw on Sunday.. I'm sure that they will be fair and unbiased.

    Postage will be overnight courier, post out on Monday arrive Tuesday..


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    Griff, bestest mate. You know i`ve always spoken very highly of you and the Admin team.
    I`ve been trying to sell my shotgun cabinet to fund a reloading kit, but to no avail.
    Hey, don`t forget. I`ve just found myself a job so i think i deserve a big reward.

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    Please add me too,

    I would like to be considered as l am about to try and bring the various items together for reloading my .223 and .308.

    I also think its a worthuy donation so would be prepared to pay the £25 donation and the carrage cost -


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    I'd like to put my name forward for the kit too. It's not for me, but a guy on another forum. He offered me a lot of advice when I started out with rifles and he is looking to start reloading his .223. I'm already sending him some dies, cases, bullets and a powder thrower etc to help him get started so if I could get this too it would be pretty much all he needs. The powder measure could be sold seperately if it comes to me. I already have a spare one.

    I'm not sure but I think I'm the first on here who hasn't wanted it for myself? I thought we were supposed to come up with worthy candidates

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