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Thread: dont ask someone if they have permission

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    dont ask someone if they have permission

    well last night i was out on one of my permissions just walking the dogs , i was walking down an abandoned railway where the bankings on each side are a good 20ft above me when a gunshot rang out above my head , i let out a shout as i genuinely got a fright,

    i made my way up the banking where 2 guys were standing , i ask what the hell they were playing at , his reply was i should be watching where i was going , to which i replied that he shouldnt be on the ground with a firearm and i was going to call the police

    for that i got 2 rapid punches to my eye and cheek , breaking a tooth,

    i am not a fighter , never have been , i got away as fast as i could ,

    ive gone through the usual with the police , but as i sit here today feeling humiliated and low , i feel like packing the whole thing in and selling up

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    dont do that mate youre amongst freinds here
    you can have my home number if you need somebody to talk too

    hopefully the police will be able to trace them , once they do if they have legitimate weapons im guessing they wont have them for much longer
    ]did you see any vehicles?
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    good point to add to this thread to ALL shooters out there, always carry a mobile phone and make sure its charged . one day it may just save your life!!!!!!
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    there were no cars , just the vague descriptions i could give the police , 2 guys in jeans and cammy jackets etc

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    Poaching b******s!! Don't let them get to you mate they are not worth giving up your sport for, they are vermin!!


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    You're right. From now on, don't ask. Just leave. There are two of them. They have a gun and you have a cell phone and righteous indignation. Just tell them to have a good hunt and walk away.

    I'm sorry to hear about this. I know how terrifying a fight/assault can be.~Muir

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    A*seholes, certainly not worth packing in because of them. Thing is, they aren't partaking in our sport, theirs is one of poaching, deceit and assault - so do not compare yourself with them, they are scum, you are not!
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    The bruises will heal mate, but don't let them win for Christ sake that's the worst thing you can do selling up wont make you feel better but getting out and shooting does don't let them win.......

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    So sorry to hear what has happened to you at the hands of thugs. Don't give in to them, I hope the police can find and deal with these cowardly b*****ds.


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    Hi Brian never chalcenge any body with a fire arm be discreet if you met them again keep out off site & call the police.
    If you can take pictures
    ALLways keep your distance.
    Do not pack it in these guys are just bullies
    Just be more careful in future

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