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Thread: binoculars ?????

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    binoculars ?????

    Hi guys , i'm looking at possibly buying a pair of either Barr&Stroud series 4 ED 10x42 or Vanguard Endeavor ED 10x45. If anybody has a pair or even tried them i'd appreciate your views.

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    Hi Vizsla.
    I have the new barr and stroud 8x42 series 4 EDs and for the cost I am really suited with them, as always top end glass will always be better at first/last light but overall very good value for money.
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    hi pal
    I have a pair of barr a stroud 8 x 56 good glass heavy but no different weight wise to a friend of mines zeiss good in the low light and good field of view review on link below also long eye relief


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    Ditto - hard to beat at the price

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