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Thread: This week I shall mostly be shooting Squirrel!

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    This week I shall mostly be shooting Squirrel!

    More to follow but at the risk of repeating myself I still consider the pursuit of ol' flicker tail to be the finest sport a rifleman can have and that's even allowing for the large percentage I won't raise my rifle to on this occasion due to safety considerations:


    Click image for larger version. 

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    For this Aussie seeing a grey squirrel as a first and then believe it or not red squirrel a few days later (Ireland) was a bit of a buzz for me not having them in Aussie.My mate from Eire hadnt seen a red since "i was a little kid" so it was a great sighting for us both.
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    Apologies for the delay but promise its coming. Just need time to write it up. Here’s a taster:

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    the squizzle on the right handside of the bunch is enormous!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by filzee View Post
    the squizzle on the right handside of the bunch is enormous!!!
    It is or is it a rabbit?

    I too would be interested in details about the call and how well it works! That rifle looks beautiful!


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    Looks like a Rabbit to me! Looks like a nice little setup that and seems to be doing the job which is the main thing

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