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Thread: London Hunting/Rifle stores.

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    London Hunting/Rifle stores.

    Off to London tomorrow for the day with my partner. She wants to head to Westfield shopping centre and I was hoping to sneak in a look at some of the UK hunting gear and compare it to what's back home in NZ.

    Are there any Hunting/Rifle stores near by? I've tried searching through 'google' but not having much luck.

    Got a few scopes in mind I wanted to have a look at if possible.

    Pop Shot

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    There is nothing in and around the ' Bush (except street robbers and toe rags!!)

    You will need to go in to central London for any of the gunshops (These are all over priced!!)

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    I'm afraid there isn't much here, although you could go to St James' Street and have a mooch around the Beretta Gallery and William Evans. You won't find a lot of stalking gear though, it's mostly geared at the driven shooting side of the market, which reflects the clientèle. They're more showrooms than real shops.

    Westfield is a dispiriting place...

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    Best for a mooch is j r Roberts -just south of the River -wyvvel street I think - google. There is another good gun room in Knightsbridge and holland and holland also worth a good browse.

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