After a hard rough, long friday and night a long Sat, the alarm went of this morn around 6.30!!!! Time to take the wife to work, come home get the pup sorted then run the sunday gauntlet with my old 70yr old maw in a supermarket.... Before I make sunday dinner........Brill!!!! I get down to the living room to see my coffee cup on the mantle piece with an envelope with my name on it behind the coffee.... Whats that pet? Its your birthday card was the reply!!!!!! Ooooopppppppppsssssssssss, there was a still earie silence as we drove the 6 miles to her work..... The upside Ive papped the pup into the kennel closed the windows as my lass has just brought me a 1lt btle of morgans spice and some miller fae the Mother In law. Oh and btw my maw forgot as well as me........ But both of us seen the funny side of it.