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    Can anyone give me details of an upcoming DSC1 course? I'm based in Northwest England, but would be prepared to travel as far South as Brum or up to the Borders.

    Oh, and I'm just wanting to sit the assessment, can't afford a 3 or 4 day course!



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    try the back of shooting times they sometimes have them listed in there. also call BASC and BDS as they run courses and maybe able to put you in touch wiht someone.

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    From my experience if you only want the assessment then contact Dave Stretton at Donnington Deer. I got no sense out of anyone else. Dave does all the assessments on the same day, alot of the others dont

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    He also leaves the room while you do the test

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    BASC run a course at Grizedale Forest Cumbria, 2 or 3 times a year.


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    Here's the BASC courses.

    There's one in Keilder in September.

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    Level 1.

    Try Ronnie Rose. Fingland, Eskdalemuir, Langholm, Dumfrieshire. DG13 0QP. Tele 01387 373216. It was 210.00p for two very good days. He is about 30 minutes from Lockerbie which is better than driving to Birmingham. He can arrange B&B at Fingland as well to save travelling.

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    not sure but i think peter pursglove does it near cannock,staffs.cervus uk.if thats any help to you.

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