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Thread: Where have all the deer gone

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    Where have all the deer gone

    Hi Been in Newton Stewart area since early am friday till now only seen 3 roe all the time whislt out is this due to the ground being very wet/to warm or have they gone to ground 3weeks ago there where their in numbers


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    I dont know but I had a similar experience
    it would be easier to hunt truffels think I will a buy a pig !

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    We're still seeing a few, mostly does with kids. Mature bucks seem to have gone to ground for the season round our ground, haven't seen a full antlered one for a number of weeks now.

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    i only found one buck last week but seen plenty of does and kids, atb wayne
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    where men are men and sheep are worried
    Just got back from Silverdale reds are just finishing the rut , counted 36 hinds and 4 stags on friday .

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    same here, this wkend up north, hampered with rain and mist, stalk 1&2

    f. stalk 1. 1 roe doe
    f. stalk 2. zero
    sa. stalk 3. 1 doe & 2 kids, 1 doe, 1 doe
    sa. stalk 4. zero
    su. stalk 5. zero

    normaly see a bit more , ground seemed sodden everywhere


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    Seen 12 Roe today in S.Ayreshire - mostly doe's/kids & yearling does. for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    Well, now that stags are closed in Scotland, the hinds and does will go into stealth mode!
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    We're near Newton Stewart ourselves had two days up there last week never saw a thing , ground is sodden wind was north and cold

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