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    Had a cracking couple of days up in South-west Scotland with Craig off this site.

    Plan was to meet on Saturday and make the way up in his vehicle, get some lunch then do some duck flighting on a piece of ground he hadn't shot before. I'd arranged to do some stalking on the Sunday with Craig but this was a great excuse for me to bring my shotgun as it rarely gets used these days.

    Sadly, we saw a good number of duck fly over the ground as we walked towards the pond, but they never came back down that evening. That's shooting for you though and it was a good test of mental strength to sit down whilst the midges attacked.

    I then decided to see if any foxes could be called by skilful use of the hand squeak but it didn't work!

    Plan A failed, Plan B it was then, the pub- A few pints, a takeaway and a chat with a number of buxom young ladies (one who showed me pictures of 15lb salmon she'd caught earlier that year- that's wife material ).

    This morning we both awoke nice an early with the intention to get out for 1st light, but breakfast was available and the deer on this ground have recently been shot in the middle of the day- I opted to take a full scottish fry with haggis.

    After a nice fill of coronary suicide, we got up to the ground, Craig gave me the option of where I wanted to shoot, suggesting that the rides in a particular area are quite productive. As this area was covered by a nice high seat I took his suggestion.

    Stalked down the boundary to the high seat, slowly burning off the 3000calorie breakfast, I saw no movement apart from ubiquitous red squirrels that look nothing like stoats.

    I was happy to reach the high seat, a sturdy chair of wooden contruction, being a bigger boned chap, I dread the wobbly metal ones. Once up in the high seat I was able to relax, digest my breakfast and take off my face veil. A couple of hours were spent scanning every little corner and edge of the rides for movement, but apart from the wee squirrels nothing appeared.

    Just as I was contemplating going for a wander, out popped a doe, albeit 200 odd yards away. A little on the far side for me when shooting deer. I've shot fox at this distance and lots of paper every month, but not roe.

    She stood browsing in the middle of the ride but refused togive me a clear shot. As I watched her though the scope it appeared that she was going to cross into the next forestry block. I had the rifle rested perfectly on the 2 big wooden rails of the high seat- shooting position felt perfect, as she turned side on I dropped the crosshairs on her chest and squeezed the trigger

    I reloaded immediately, watching the reaction to shot, which was 4 steps sideways then she dropped straight to the floor. After a few minutes we walked over to the area where she fell. I'd marked it in my head as behind 2 small trees, Craig was contemplating getting the dog(note to self- lots of small trees in a forest- lesson learnt to mark it against 2 points) but after 2 minutes of searching an area about 1/4 the size of a football pitch I found her where I saw her drop. A quick gralloch and then a long walk back to the car, mission accomplished and the carry back to the car burnt off the last calories from my haggis breakfast!

    All in all a successful and amusing weekend, Craig certainly has some cracking land and knows it well, he just needs to buy a face veil for duck flighting.

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    Thanks for the write up mate, great wkd, & plenty of laughs

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