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    Top shot

    Military history channel... Virgin media channel 236 for the target shooters looks good watching on now.

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    Followed it from the start quite a good programme despite the back biting
    I think they should let the shooting do the talking

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    Yeah enjoyed it last night. Noticed the bitching too lol

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    Ive been watching too. pity the hoohaa attitude is pushing the non mil out. that golf player looked a top class marksman.

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    I was glad to see the Golf coach go he thought he knew better than everyone even the guys brought in to coach the various different weapons.

    I did think the thousand yard shot could of been scored better with something like 10 seconds added to the time for every round not hitting the target.

    Having shot the AI50 at 1200m its very easy to walk the rounds on the target so I would expect the M82 being a semiauto it is a little easier.

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