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    Evening all
    I am in the throes of my reloads on .243 win carts ..using VARGET POWDER ,
    Bullets Heads are SIERRA SPITZER 100G also HORNADBY B.T.S.P 100G with rem primers , I can find start loads at 31 gr but no MAXIMUM safe loads . Any thoughts before I blow myself up!!

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    According to Hodgdon with Speer 100gr BTSP & Varget

    COL 2.650" 31.0 gr start load 2674fps 42,700 CUP 33.7gr max 2838fps 50,400 CUP

    check the hodgdon site


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    An excellent bullet choice. I have used them for three years.

    Lee give the same data as EJG post but with a pressue of 58154PSI. Thats as close as I would want to go.

    Sierra Edition V quote maximum of 34.1 for a minimum speed of 2700fps.

    Over the last two years I have spent hours developing loads for this bullet and found Vectan VU7000 and N160 far better with both producing 3000fps+ and safe pressures.

    Take it easy and gradually increase by .2grains keeping and eye on extraction and markings to the base of the case.


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    Spiker thanks for your input ,
    Its my first reload on .243 as I have been concentrating on my .308 loads Powder choice was as advised by my gunshop as VARGET is also ok for a .308 load , I use reloader 15 for 308 so the two types of powder cant be mistaken , have chosen the long process of using what powders I have before experimenting further , found this a idiot proof method however I dont want to reinvent the wheel , and will try the N160 when I am shopping next . I wish I could conjure up more time to play in my den!!!.BUT mrs Trapper has her decorating head on.
    Cheers me deers .

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