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Thread: Camping/stalking and scents

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    Camping/stalking and scents

    I'm planning a few forays in to my wee parcel of woodland after munties and hopefully a fallow. There's only one highseat on the main ride and it's got a couple of large pheasant pens and is at this time of year full of loose pheasants. I'm keen to do an evening followed by morning stalk and will camp there. Previously I have hammocked near the wood entrance and stalked my way through returning to camp when light lost/getting to highseat under cover of darkness.

    However, what with the abundance of pheasants etc. I'm thinking that this time I might bivvy/hammock at the foot of the highseat so that there is little disturbance last thing at night/first thing in the morning.

    Does this sound stupid? Will my snoring/scent scare anything and everything from the vicinity of the highseat and be counter productive?

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    hi stig as you know i do a similar thing to you but mine is forrestry block i always try and get well out the way with the prevailing wind so im not disturbing the ground but saying that i have had deer right up to my hammock and last weekend i parked my van up to drop off a seat and when i got back to my van a roe had been mooching round the van and feeding and droppings where everywhere around the van so i think they were having a laugh at my expence . on a section of my ground there is a track that you have to go back down as there is no way out but i always see deer going in and coming out so my scent doesnt seem to bother too much. all ican say is give it a whirl if you make too much disturbance those munty will soon let you know, atb wayne
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    Doubt it, indeed would suspect most wildlife would become used to your presence and not be threatened. I have camped plenty of times and had deer right up to the tent. When I lived in Zambia, on more than one occasion I had elephants come right in close to my camp and quietly browse away for a few hours - pretty special. Don't think you will have that excitement down in Cambridgeshire.

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    When I used to work as a forestry contractor I used to stay in the wood and on many a morning would wake up to look out of the truck window to see deer, hares, rabbit all sorts. They didn't seem to bother much. Even when we had fires burning the tops deer would be wandering round the following mornings

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    Dare say the keeper maybe more perturbed by your presence than the deer !
    Regards Norma

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    I have never had elephant but i was disturbed by wallabies whilst camping on an island in loch lomond once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    Dare say the keeper maybe more perturbed by your presence than the deer !
    Regards Norma
    Ha, he knows... Actually, it was his request to not be going through the woods after the birds have roosted that set me on this path. He's concerned they won't take to the roost again or something of that ilk. As always, best to beep everyone happy where possible.

    Think I'll try the bivvy option, less conspicuous than the hammock and less faffing.

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    On a three day trip after an august Stag the only shootable animal I saw was on the edge of 150 cares of new clearfell but also just 15 metres away from the caravan where the harvester operator was sleeping!

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    Regular camp or sleep out on my permission. I've been out stalking then gone back to camp for brew & bacon butty, even with smell of that deer have often passed within 50 yds. & I've even had a badger stick it's nose under the edge of the tent during the night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wingy View Post
    I've even had a badger stick it's nose under the edge of the tent during the night.
    Bearing that in mind I might opt for the hammock rather than the bivvy!

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