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Thread: Ruger m77 mk 2 .22-250 260

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    Ruger m77 mk 2 .22-250 260

    Hi all , I'm selling my ruger in .22-250 . It's had about 900 - 1000 shots through it , has been professionally bedded . It's got a forend and pistol grip cap on a sporter style wooden stock . The stocks had some work done to it at some point in that small pewter stags heads have been layed into the stock either side of the forend , and at the base of the pistol grip . It's had some work with a few scratches to the floor plate and the blueing on the barrel is worn where it's been in and out of slips many times . The stocks in good condition , as is the action , but the blueing is worn on the barrel . The bolt is firm and smooth and the rifle shoots straight with the rifling unda aged and in good order . It comes as a naked rifle , no scope , no moderator ( not threaded ) . I've been using it as a cheap foxing rifle with an Edgar brothers scope on it , it kills foxes well . I'll add pictures soon . It's no thing of beauty , but a good tool if you want to point and shoot . Offers around 260 please .

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    This rifle must go , it's a good shooter , take a look at the photos , any good offer or swap for a scope considerd .
    Any questions get in touch , will throw in whatever bullets I have left .

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    Took this to the gunshop today and they offerd me 150 for it as a trade in . If anyone wants it for 150 they can have it . Or pm me with any offers .
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