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Thread: Dsc1 passed?

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    Dsc1 passed?

    Hi all,

    after 6 weeks of Friday night and Saturday morning training sessions with Mirfield Club (and god knows how many hours of revision inbetween) took the DSC1 test yesterday. Not had the official nod of approval, but should get the cert in a few weeks, as it looks like I've passed.
    Apologies if these questions have been asked previously but:-
    1 - how do the people taking the 2/3/4 day DSC1 courses pass the tests? I know that I'm an old git, not done any 'book learning' for over 10 years and have very little stalking experience but cramming all that info into just a couple of days would have been impossible for me.
    2 - Informed that the BASC take a large percentage of my fee for the course. This is not a 'bash the BASC' thread (I've been a member, off and on, since 1974 when it was WAGBI) but what do I get for my money apart from a certificate?

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    It is a very flowing course, one things leads to the next and next and you are expected to do some reading before the course, but when you cram it all in it sticks, and they tend to keep coming back to it all as revision as the course continues, with lots of questions and answers. It is a lot of info and it does help if you stalk prior to the course sure, but my better half did the course with me and got much higher marks, throughout! And she does not stalk deer!

    As for course fees, from what I gather it depends who your trainers are affiliated to. DMQ are the overarching body that take a fee per candidate, they are a company/organisation made up of all the other organisations like NGO/BASC etc. Then any trainer can run a course, he pays a fee per student to the DMQ and if BASC are advertising it on his behalf they will take the bookings for him and advertise it for him and he then pays a fee to them. Mainly I believe they go through BASC to fill their courses as it is advertised through the mag!

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    DMQ get quite a chunk, IIRC it's in the region of 140.

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