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Thread: Deer Pony Equipment

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    Deer Pony Equipment

    My misses has an Iclandic pony that she wants to break to pulling. We dont want to use a Deer sadle as it would be just me that would be there to load it and some of these woodland stags weigh up to 90 KG hook weight. My uncle used to drag the beasts of the hill with a pony and this is the method i think would suit us.

    My question is what type of Equipment is required for a basic set up ? (ie) harness, chains and spreader bar but what type of Harness ?.


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    Hi auquhollie,

    What you need is a harness as used for dragging timber from point of felling to the main mechanical drag line. The fitting has to be spot on otherwise you knacker their shoulders. Also you need to watch the age of the pony as you can"t work hem too young. Get a mule they will work when you are dead beat Try these people.


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