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Thread: A good day

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    A good day

    Hi All

    Only a quick write up

    Had a good days stalking on our own ground on Saturday. First light I was up at a new bit of ground in the Cotswolds after a Fallow buck but by first light the rutting activity had moved into the woods. I could hear four differnet bucks grunting around me but off my ground.

    I stalked the woodland edge seeing about a six does in one little group and then a pricket on his own which wasn't a safe shot. I wanted to move to the next couple of fields so had to stalk around the deer in the mist. I then spotted a roe doe with a buck fawn which I left alone.
    I headed down a hedge towards a little corner I spotted a Fallow buck the week before when I got closer there were about 8 does out feeding but no buck I got to within about 20 yards in the mist trying to see what was in the rough ground behind them. I then spotted a 6 point Roebuck with a doe in the taller cover. Not what I was after so I backed away and headed back.

    I retraced my footsteps just in case a buck had popped out but no luck.

    I got back to the scrubby field where I had parked the truck and was walking at normal pace having finished my stalk when Max started winding deer so I slowed down again and scanned spotting a Roebuck I had seen the week before in the long grass he was a mature animal with a very poor head but wasnt safe last week so I left him alone. He was in a better position but still wasn't safe so I had to get the other side of him stalking slowly only moving when he was feeding eventually I got to within 30 yards and dropped him in the grass a nice cull animal.

    In the afternoon I met Andy on our estate in Hereford we were going to have a bash at a Fallow buck ourselves for a change.
    After a coffee we headed off in different directions. Max and I headed towards a known rutting stand and as we approached with the wind in our faces and more to the point in Max's nose he indicated deer as soon as we headed through the gate towards the stand. We were a good 300 yards from the woods and you cant see the woodland edge until you are about 100 yards away where you peer over the edge of a steep bank.As I approached a buck starting grunting in the wood but I knew he was too far in for us to be able to see so after a quick check to make sure nothing else was out I headed back up the field towards my seat for the evening.

    This is one of my favorite seats a nice and comfy woodend seat but Max has to jump a high barbed wire fence to get under the seat I chucked my coat on the fence but there was no need he didnt even touch it I was slightly more awkward getting over

    I chilled out in the seat with a coffee and a smoke and waited for dark Max was sat under the seat fixed on the woodland edge waiting for a deer to move.

    I could hear two different bucks grunting in the wood but a long way off.

    Right on last light a very light pricket walked out "perfect" he stood broadside at 160 yards so I dropped him with a chest shot with the 30.06 he wobbled for a few seconds as I covered him but then dropped, Nice one.
    I looked down at Max he was still sat peering through the ladder of the highseat but a bit more excited.
    I climbed down the seat and took my coat off and dropped it over the fence for Max again he never touched it (flash git) I looked to my right behind the seat and spotted a buck silhouetted against the dying light he about 100 yards away and walking towards us.
    I dropped Max who was now the bucks side of the fence and closed the bolt "Quietly" on my Blaser the buck was walking straight towards us and I was tracking him now he had dropped below the skyline waiting for him to turn which he didnt, he just kept walking until he was level with us and about 10 yards away from Max, he then sussed something was up and bounced off but turning at about 80 yards to see what it was so I ruined his evening with a 150 grn Partition

    Andy had a good stalk on a big buck he has seen a couple of years running but run out of light.



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    wayne nice read and a fruitfull evening max looks well pleased regards pete .

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    Bet you wish you looked as well as Max dose mate....LOL
    All the best from yorkshire.

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    Nice couple of animals there Wayne. By the way I got your return call and message, it was nothing urgent so I'll give you a ring next evening or so. Thanks for getting back to me, and glad you enjoyed a succesfull evening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by www.yorkshireroestalking. View Post
    Bet you wish you looked as well as Max dose mate....LOL
    All the best from yorkshire.

    its a very long time since I was "all cock n ribs"

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    A cracking day wayne, well done.

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    good job

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    A great read Wayne and a cracking day. Max sounds like a joy to own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WAYNE DAVIES View Post
    In the afternoon I met Andy on our estate in Hereford
    I'll remember to tug my forelock next time I see you .....

    Nice write up - two good bucks there.

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    A good day then mate.

    Glad to see they are 'at it' over your way.

    BC and I had a good eventfull morning Sunday. A few to go at in the near future.

    Catch you soon mate


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