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Thread: eye test today

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    eye test today

    went tesco today for an eye test as i am over the 40 now best done every couple of yrs .
    well seems i was right i need specs for both reading and laptop work and also for distance !
    my question is how do you boys that wear them all the time get on looking through binos and scopes and steaming up ect .i dont fancy contact lenses either .dare say for now i will stalk without them but as time goes by may need to wear them ....any tips please .
    so i am blind ,balding ,lame and arthritic in one hand great !
    cheers norma

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    Norma 308 Ive had glasses all my life and they are nothing far short of a pain while out stalking especially when its raining cold or damp. They are either fogging up or you are forever wipeing them. Im now considering contact lenses for the first time in thirty years.

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    get yourself a deerstalker hat or something with a good peak on it to keep the rain off it works for me i never have any probs ( steaming up)

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    Should have gone to Sp----v--s mate, thankfully I don't have any other faults unless you listen to the trouble and strife which I don't of course.

    Seriously though, I have half frames for reading and the full monty Varifocals with photochromic lenses.

    Can't see to shoot or spot through them, great for everything else though, except in the rain.


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    I have been wearing vari-focals for about 7 years now, I keep them on at all times.
    For shooting the only real pain is rain, bins are no problem with a few provisos, they need adequate eye relief, never let anybody else
    use them, any oil/grease on the eye cups is a disaster for the rest of the trip.
    Scopes are no problem, but choose frames that sit fairly high (and close to your eyes) or you will find yourself looking over the glasses when looking through
    the scope. Having had 4 sets of glasses now, the newest set only a fortnight back, I have found that the way the glasses are set up is important
    for walking, seems silly I know, my last pair lasted just over a year and all the time I have had them walking on rough ground has been terrible.
    I have always been told that the intersection point or centre of the lens should sit at the centre of your eyeball, seemed sensible so never questioned it.
    New glasses and new optician, so I asked if anything could be done to make sure I could focus at my feet while looking down, no problem she says as i prefer to set lens up lower in the frame than what is considered normal, the short and long of it is I can see fine and focus at foot range, so no stumbling on unseen stuff.
    This also affects the perception of how tall you are, if putting your glasses on you "feel taller" you will probably struggle with them.


    PS: My last glasses were top end (450 lens only) Zeiss with all the coatings and stuff, waste of money, the anti reflect attracts dirt and dust, the Lotec is
    just a waste of space, my new ones are a less than half that price and easier to live with, better through bins or scope and no dirt dust problems, also seem less affected by rain, and given the weather that is a blessing.

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    Hi Norma

    I had to start a few years ago wearing glasses for distance went out a few times wearing glasses a right pain decided to try daily contacts awkard at first but soon got used to them generaly just wear them for shooting so costs dosent come into it really if you can touch your eye with your finger which takes some doing at first you will soon get used to them big differencebetter than the old binos
    ATB Paul D

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    Hi Norma, I agree that glasses are a pain. I got my eyes lasered after 14 years of having glasses.

    if you don't fancy going to that extreme try a motorcycle anti fog spray! It's the only thing that sort of worked for me!


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    hi norma 308 best thing i can say to you is get a apointment with some one like speksavers got mine done at tescos and they have never been eny good bad head all the time feltsick been back to speksavers problem over you only get what you pay for and that is a fackt

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    Sent my 'prescription' to Goggles4u and got a pair of frameless varifocals with all the coatings (but not photochromic) for 28.50 delivered (from Pakistan) in three weeks. As good as specs from Boots and Specsavers, both of which were my previous suppliers.
    Guess where I'll go when I want another pair!.

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    I have gone through the exact same problem. I firstly had to have glasses for distance work, driving etc. Thought they were great, I could see deer again, until it rained or was cold and I got a bit warm after a yomp - the bloody things fogged. I tried all type of anti fog sprays/solutions all to no avail.

    I bit the bullet, and tried contact lenses. They are a bit strange at first, and can be a bit uncomfortable at first, but stick with it, after a couple of goes, I got the hang of it, and have worn them just for stalking for the last 5 or 6 years now.

    My only tip is not to buy the cheapest of the cheap as they can be much thicker than the better ones, and much less comfortable. I now pay about 19 for 30 pairs, and wouldn't go back to glasses or naked eye again - ever.

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