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    Anyone use one? Got one i fancy buying but what are they like? Any reviews good or bad please...

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    I have a friend who uses one; I've helped him with developing loads so have spent a bit of time with it.
    Seems a nice capable cartridge although I'd be hard pressed to take one over a .308 tbh.

    I suppose it shares the same sort of relationship with a 7mm-08 that the 6.5x55 does with the .260. At the end of the day it's an established cartridge that kills effectively and provided your action is fairly new, will compete with the newer cartridges...

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    I have owned a 308 for 30 years, it has sentimental value but the 7x57 is nicer for deer, and if I only had one deer calibre that would be the 7x57. The rifle a BSA hunter suits the 7x57 and me.

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    I had one in Germany and massively regret getting rid of it, a fantastic calibre. Light recoil with enough power to deal with anything on the continent

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    I have looked at this calibre as well.

    My understanding is that it was the calibre of choice in Scotland for a long time before being replaced by the 270 and 308 Win. I have an old Mauser in 6.5x57 which I believe is a necked down 7x57 and I would love to find something similar in 7x57. In reality though, I will let it pass as I cannot see myself moving away from 308 or 300 Win Mag. And if I were to get bored of those two fine rounds, I could switch to 30-06 or Blaser 30R.

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    Built a 7x57 on a sako trgs action and a fluted border barrel wouldn't ever see me parting with it low recoil large choice of bullet weights. Rws 123 grain factory shoot one hole groups at 3000 fps, will take anything with 140 home loads

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    I have a Mauser 7x57 (275) built on an Erfurt marked action but a new barrel by Craig Whitsey. It shoots very well but never gets used because of a reasonably nice walnut stock which does not mix with rain, mud and brambles. It is however very classic and I have shot a few deer with it. It could be yours!

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    I have used a left handed 7x57 heym sr20 for over 20 years now !! and absolutely love it. shot muntjac to red stag and all deer in between aswell as fox and wild boar, this rifle adores 123 rws,

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    I have one. It is my No 1 hunting rifle. One forty-five Speers and compressed charge of IMR 4831= no survivors and never a second shot required.~Muir

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    Had one a few years ago, a Ruger 77 Mk II, it did the job just fine, comfortable to shoot, and as accurate as might be expected. I have the Tikka 695 in 275 now, its brilliant, using 140 Gn Partitions and/or Accubonds over H414 in Norma brass.

    In the process of having another built from a Borden action..... so I guess that makes me an enthusiast for the calibre.

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