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    New guy

    Hi there,

    I`m Charly from the New Forest, between Lyndhurst and Minstead to be exact. I`m 28 and have always been involved in game shooting, pest control, fishing and stalking. I`m a full time shotgun coach and sporting agent. I have a wife, four kids and far too many spaniels! In terms of rifles I have .22, .243, .270 and I`m searching for a good .375

    I look forward to getting involved....


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    Hello Charly

    Welcome to the site.

    Nice part of the country the New Forest. I try to get down your way for a short break twice a year and stay at Burford.

    Good Luck


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    Welcome.....the site has a great bunch of people who have a wealth of experience and are full of useful information, help and advice.

    By the way, you can never have too many spaniels!!

    Look forward to reading your posts.


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    Welcome Charly
    I could sell you a as new stainless/synthetic Remington,bedded, aftermarket trigger and wildcat preadator mod. and probably find you some more spaniels aswell or maybe not the missus would kill me


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    Thanks guys,

    Wayne, PM me with pics and a price....


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