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Thread: pet loads for 139 gn sst

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    pet loads for 139 gn sst


    Having some fun tying to get these bullets to group im thinking its me? loading varget 43gn (last load) fedrel primers 1.5 - 2" at 150 yds or im thinking im i to fussy...


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    Quite a few of the loads I have attempted to develop haven't cut the mustard and have never been deemed fit for anything bar shooting at paper. Try a change of powder or try these?

    Regards JCS

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    I am using exactly the same load and it shoots really well, have you tried adjusting the seating depth?

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    What's the calibre, 7mm?

    I've got 46.7 grains of N160 behind my 6.5x55mm 140gr SSTs, and I can group 5 rounds sub 1"

    As Blackdog said, check the seating... HPS-TR reload for me, and the bullet is WAY out the front of the brass (OAL of 3.110")


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    Johnie swinging tits, I have had 2 x 7/08s and could not get these sst to shoot in either. A rem 700 and a sako 75. Changed to the hornady SPBT in the same wt and all is good with the same load you are using.

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    Hi, I have now used my SST load on three beasts, well two Red hinds and a Muntjac. I have changed to the Hornady SPBT also as I found the carcass damage completely unacceptable,I have just shot a muntjac this evening (with correct shot placement) and it blew it to bits. They are a superbly accurate bullet and I will continue to use them for foxes but no more deer.


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