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Thread: kent roe

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    kent roe

    the roe in this picture was shot in kent i have a 200 acre farm with a good head of roe on it and of good quality the ground is very sandy and thier teeth wear very quick this deer had no front teeth and a lot of wear on the back teeth, is thier any one out thier in kent with roe

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    Roe seem to be popping up all around us at the moment. Lamberhurst, Goudhurst, Horsmonden. I have had 3 bucks and 2 does this year. Just trying to get a bit more ground in Lamberhurst that has a load on it as well.

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    That looks like a nice heavy buck. Here is one that I had earlier in the summer.

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    It could be the angle of the photo but that head looks blooming good on the 1st picture !

    Was it measured?

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    Andy, thats a cracking looking head, I guess that must be a gold?


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    kent roe

    the deer in the first picture was shot during the rut 2006 the head was not officaly mesured but was looked at by a friend of mine who shoots a lot of roe all over the country he estimated to be a silver but the one in this picture was estimated to be a gold and was also shoot in kent in 1999 by me and was blind in one eye

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    this one was allso shot in kent an old boy shot during the rut 2005

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    you should get those measured buddy

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    kent roe

    how about this big abnormal kent buck

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