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Thread: Myth Busting Big Game Calibers

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    Myth Busting Big Game Calibers

    Most versatile and efficient, 308 Win.


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    wow!!!!! a lot to take in, but makes a lot of sense , interesting read although ive saved link to read again


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    Over reliance on low recoil in that article IMO, I shoot a lightish 270WSM and the recoil doesn't prevent me from shooting at long distance targets.

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    Interesting read, but no real surprises. Is 8 lb a realistic weight though for most rifles - doesn't take much to get them up to 9lbs and weight does tame recoil.

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    I agree that you could probably fudge the figures to produce any winner - in this case he makes a big issue of low recoil and presents good arguments in favour of that position but if his pet subject for the day happened to be, say, heavy bullets at moderate velocity then the 700NE might have won the day.

    I shoot a 308 because it makes life easy, a good supply of components and ammo at reasonable prices, as I'm not so much interested in guns other than as a tool to allow me to do other things and so want to spend as little time as possible driving around RFDs when I could be at a range day or stalking. On that basis a .22LR, 243W, 308W, 270 and 30-06 would probably top the polls based on my priorities.
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    Very interesting. The author certainly has put alot of effort into this. Far more than I could take in over 15 mins reading. However I'm glad my variation for 308 has gone through.

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    Reading the article, I don't think my 30-06 was such a bad general use choice


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    Wow that's was heavy going with my cup of tea this morning. But the article just proves the British 308 is not a bad choice for an all round calibre. One up on the Americans

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    Aye that was a diffrent way of looking at things. I bought a .308 because the recoil wasnt that bad. Iam suprised it did so well as theres alot of people out there that tear it to shreads cheers Hootsman
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    If in Africa with some behemoth steaming down upon oneself one may just want something more 'efficient' than a .308 in one`s claw.
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