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Thread: Wishing a full recovery for 8x57.

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    Wishing a full recovery for 8x57.

    Hello to all, I am sure the members on here, especially those that have shot with Mike, or have taken part in the H4H fund raising event at Monmouth and District Rifle Club, would join me and the club in wishing him a speedy recovery. He was admitted to hospital a week past Saturday after being taken unwell but is soon heading home. I have yet to speak to Beth so have no idea of the true nature of his illness but am glad to hear he is rested and tested and getting home. All the very best Mike to you and the family.

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    Sorry to hear you have been unwell Mike. Hope you are on the road to a full recovery. All the best from the Admin team.
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    Yes get well soon Mike. Wishing you a speedy recovery and a return to full shooting fitness soon!

    all the best,


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    Have spoken to mikes family today and he is home and recovering slowly .
    He needs his rest and will need take things slowly for a while .
    I think by all means we can send good will messages here on SD
    but for those who have mikes phone numbers probably best to give him time to recover
    Get well soon mate and look forward to taking you out on the does regards pete .

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    Take it easy and get well soon.

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    Thanks for all the good wishes guys. It was a minor stroke that struck suddenly on the Saturday morning with no warning whatsoever. Tests so far have failed to identify the reason, blood pressure and cholesterol levels have been acceptable, all scans and tests etc. have had nothing abnormal detected. Initially the extreme difficulty was speech and partial paralysis on the right hand side, it was extremely worrying and very upsetting, however speech now returning and my mobility is improving. It’s funny trying to learn to write again at my age, but I am sure that when I get the rifle out of the cabinet again in a week or so I will be OK. Now if we still had pistols there would not b e the same problem because when I shot pistol I used to practice with my left hand and became quite proficient, almost up to standard with my right handed shooting.

    Never mind at least with the stick now I can get out and about a little bit and this morning my poor old pup who has had to rely on other people to take him out for exercise for the last week can have a run along the canal, mind you he has got to watch out because if he doesn’t listen to what he is told the walking stick becomes dual purpose!!!! He had better be bloody quick because I am not going to take any prisoners
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    All the best Mike and wishing you a speedy recovery, glad to hear you're making good progress; see you soon for the does.

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    That sounds scary Mike but I'm glad you are making progress. I know it's probably frustrating but take it steady and don't try to rush things too much. Although I'm sure a bit of extra trigger finger physio can't hurt!


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    Hope you get better soon Mike regards Steve

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