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Thread: Now there's a surprise!!

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    Now there's a surprise!!

    Just heard on the news that the badger cull is postponed till next year. Reason given they don't think they can cull the 70% in six weeks! (now there's another surprise).

    They are going to look at the system again ready for next year. A couple of days ago in the Western Moprning News there was a report saying the government were concerned at the rising costs involved, they reckoned it would cost 1000 per cull animal. It turns out there are more badgers that was first thought so worries about the budget!!!

    Wiil it ever take place??????????????

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    Probably not. Yesterday evening I heard they were starting a discussion of this on the radio, and switched it off. It's like fox hunting, the EU, immigration or anything to do with crime: it's become so emotive that anyone trying to argue about it sensibly from either perspective is drowned out by the voices of both pro and anti ranters. It's just lost to rational discussion.

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    1000 per animal?
    If it helps em, tell em il do a shoot one, shoot one free deal and il do the paper work.

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