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Thread: .410 reloading gear

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    .410 reloading gear

    Hi all, as above let me know if you have anything.



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    IF you are only loading a few a month, it may also be worth looking into using brass shells instead: either the CBC Magtech ones, or fire-formed 303 cases.
    The brass case option leads to long term savings as they dont use the more expensive 209 primers - just large pistol ones - and need next to no tools or press to reload
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    Are the Lanes kits any good?


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    Quote Originally Posted by YoungGun View Post

    Are the Lanes kits any good?

    They look to be very well made - and MUST be better than the other option of trying to use screwdrivers and such for a job they were never intended to do

    For 410 though, as I said earlier - my plan is to modify 50 or so 303 cases by fireforming

    There is also a dedicated website for the 410 with a lot of info and data

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    Brass shells are the way I will go, can you tell me more about the fireformed .303 shells?

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