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Thread: North Harris Red Stag

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    North Harris Red Stag

    I have just returned from the most outstanding weeks stalking up on North Harris where I succeeded in taking a Royal with open sights on a clear day with views of St Kilda in the back ground, truly breath taking. Back to work this week has not been much fun at all!!!
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    Well done, especially with open sights. The best way to beat the work blues is to start planning your next trip.

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    Wow thanks for the upload great photos hats off to you for using open sights. What round did you use?

    Lucky for us you shot that stag as he seems to have in built night vision.


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    Congratulations on a great stag, I'm sure it was a wonderful experience. I can see St. Kilda and its little bubble of clouds on the horizon in the first photo. I don't think there is anywhere quite like it, although the stags tend not to be so huge as in other places, and any stag or even hind off North Harris will remind you of a wonderful experience and a truly remarkable day out but to get a royal with open sights must make for a remarkable memory. Seeing the photos has me wishing I was back on Lewis/Harris for hinds today :-)
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    Well done to you Sir,great to see the open sights used too.
    I learned my trade on open sights as a kid and I do believe many amongst my mates that have only ever used a scope cannot transition between the two systems.

    Good onya!
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    Was taken with my .375 H&H with a 300grn Winchester Silver Tip. The stalk itself was just incredible, we had got into a small group of nobbers some 90 yards off and hadn't seen the stag at all, I was in a comfortable shooting position when there was a huge roar and he appeared from our right but stood behind rocks only showing his antlers and ears, I could not move higher nor slip back so the ghillie siad he'd bring him to me, he gave a huge roar and the stag reacted immeadiately and came straight at us and jumped on the rock in front of us and gave out a huge challenging roar back, he was only 50-60 yards off at this point. My breathing had gone somewhat deep by this point, I lined up on his chest and squeezed off the round, I don't remember even hearing the bang, he did a perfect heart shot reaction, ran a few paces and dropped. I didn't have a clue that he was a Royal until I picked up his head. I was delighted I must say. We had an incredible week, good friends and wonderful stalking.

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    What a great combination, North Harris, Stags and a open sighted .375 can only be one outcome , Glorious.

    Well done,


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    Nice beastie and with open sights, well done!!

    Used to fish out at St Kilda years ago, wild place!!!

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