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Thread: Poachers on the golf course

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    Poachers on the golf course

    I just got sent a photo by a mate of mine who's a greenkeeper. Looks to me like the work of a poacher. I've advised him to contact the police, but what else would be a good idea for him to do?

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    Bone out the other leg?

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    why would a poacher leave it like that? looks like maybe a road kill and then fox and magpie dinner. im a greenkeeper and i have seen bits of animals all over the place.... i dont ask questions lol

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    Why do you think it's poachers? A fox or something similar has certainly had a good tuck in, but are there any signs of what actually killed it?

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    Looks to be in poor condition - is there an ear missing that's healed over? Seem to be more deer dying of sickness/exposure than normal this year, probably due to the damp. I've been looking around at reports of dead deer and seems as though more people are finding them dead/injured than normal this year...?

    Wound looks rough for a poacher with a knife, and the bones are still there - poachers usually take the lot or at least the useful meat including the bones as it's quicker eh?

    Or... could be a werewolf?

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    Guessing its right near a road, just look for the BMW in the club car park with a damaged grille and claret on the bumper, can't blame the foxes and badgers for having free venison dinner.

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    I'd guessed that it was likely poachers who had been disturbed, but I like the werewolf theory more.

    So, more likely just a traffic casualty that the fox has been at then. Good to hear.

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    my guess is luchers boys done that

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    Quote Originally Posted by 223 View Post
    my guess is luchers boys done that
    There's not much displaced hair from the dogs around the throat if that's the case?

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    Aliens or poles, there's another lot to blame.

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