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Thread: 13 Italians die in bloody start to hunting season

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    13 Italians die in bloody start to hunting season

    Updated 12:10 PM Oct 23, 2012

    ROME - Italian hunting enthusiasts have killed 13 people and wounded 33 in shooting accidents since the season opened last month, increasing pressure to reform antiquated hunting laws.

    The death toll swelled across the country this weekend when a 16-year-old was killed by a friend while hunting, a pensioner was shot and wounded in his garden, and a cyclist was hospitalised after being hit with grapeshot.

    Hunting groups agree with environmentalists that the law - which allows hunters to roam on private land and discharge firearms within 150m of a house - should be changed. But the sides have become entrenched in a long-running stalemate over how.

    Among those calling for an outright ban is Ms Daniela Casprini, the head of the Association of Hunting Victims.

    "The question is no longer about who is for and who is against hunting. This is to stop a true massacre," Ms Casprini said yesterday.

    Fewer than one in five Italians said they considered hunting to be an acceptable past-time in a survey by Italian research group Eurispes last year.

    Pro-hunting groups point to a need to control populations of species like wild boar, which can cause damage to agriculture.

    Yet the shooting of deer, rabbits and birds in the country's woodlands is the subject of a rift between a more ecologically sensitive younger generation and Italy's ageing hunters.

    The number of hunters has declined steeply to about 700,000 from two million three decades ago, with most aged between 65 and 78 years, according to farming association Coldiretti.

    The head of animal rights group Animalisti Italiani Onlus said the accidents proved that legislation to protect rare wildlife was ineffective.

    "This explains why wolves, bears, hawks and other protected species are found killed by firearms," said Mr Walter Caporale. "They shoot because something moves." REUTERS

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    a cyclist was hospitalised after being hit by grapeshot
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    Are there many Italians who hunt with cannons?

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    flak jacket.... check

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul at barony View Post
    flak jacket.... check

    Good advice there Paul. At first glance I thought some madman had went crazy with a rifle and shot 13 hunters.It hard to beleive such STATISTICS.

    Keep safe,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Glendine View Post
    "This explains why wolves, bears, hawks and other protected species are found killed by firearms," said Mr Walter Caporale. "They shoot because something moves." REUTERS
    I saw a photo in the letters section of an old Italian hunting magazine once (from perhaps 1965) of a bloke posing on a beach with a shotgun and a small dolphin: now there was an opportunistic shot!

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    nothing suprises me about italian shooters there is a bloke who brings them in from our local village they are on payed rough shooting holidays , they wander where they like, if challenged menospeakadaenglish is what you get , they will fire at anything that moves from songbirds to swans and have no respect for anything
    a barony original

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    we all know latins like to wave their hands about but with a gun in them bloody hell

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    Having in the past , dealt with 100s of Italian shooting parties, nothing surprises me!

    driven white hares with a dozen Italians = tanto stress!

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    a rather well known shooting estate near me in cumbria many years back had first drive ruined by the italian clients who ran out of cartridges shooting at blackies /starlings and other such birds before any pheasants started to fly lol

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    Webby we had that here the Italians had a drive on a section of the whitelee forest and we were to drive out quarrie for them Christ i dont think anything was safe including dogs i called the terrier in and went for a long walk round the outer edge and never went again.

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