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Thread: Sako Finnfire Hunter .22lr

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    Sako Finnfire Hunter .22lr

    Just testing the water! Have a Sako Finnfire P94S with Parker-Hale moderator and Simmons Pro-Air 4-12x40 scope. Dark, well-figured stock, unmarked and little used. Two 10-round mags, original box and instructions. Can't remember what I paid for it but seem to think it was quite a lot!
    What's it worth? Anyone seriously interested?
    Haven't decided for definite whether to sell it yet but it's not getting much use at present.

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    iwould of thought upto 550 espically with the mags and original box. ive the exact same rifle and put it up for sale a couple of months ago and to be honest i thought it would sell straight away but it took a while , however the buyer has had issues with the time taken to issue a fac( Hampshire licensing dept ) so i never actually sold and have decided not too , its just too good a gun and one i will pass down to my kids and once sold they arent always to find another , espically if you know it shoots straight. i bought a annie 1417 to replace the finnfire but to be honest the sako has better trigger and i really like its scaled down c/f style stock and looks so have made space for both, the Annie is great too

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    +1 with scoie
    put mine up for sale and then realised i was having a blonde moment, there is nothing to touch it in the 22 world keep it

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    650 easy if it's mint...but don't...took me ages to find mine and it's not going anywhere!

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    I paid 450 for mine, from a gunshop, about eight months ago. It came with a PH mod, one five shot mag and a Vomz scope. The stock needed a little TLC but the metal / plastic was unmarked.

    Based on the above, I think 650 might be a little bit smokey. However, if you find someone who wants one, who knows.

    I sold on a nice CZ 452 to buy mine and haven't regretted it. Have a serious think before you sell it. They aren't making any more.



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    i could be interested if you decide let me know i am in Oxon also.

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    I would also be interested in the gun is it possible to add pictures, cheers

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    OK, I've decided to sell it! As described above but also including the standard 5 shot magazine, 'Bushwacker' Butler-Creek style scope covers, approx 300 rounds Winchester subsonic and 100 rounds Eley Match EPS. 600 the lot. Will post pictures soon.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PA250027.JPG 
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    you mad fool NOOOOOOOOO
    you can redeem yourself though by selling me your 5 round mag( if you want too that is)

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