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Thread: New to this Forum but not new to Shooting

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    New to this Forum but not new to Shooting

    hello there Guys,

    Let me introduce myself. I'm a 35 y/o engineer from North London and enjoy shooting and the outdoors.

    20 years of hunting experience in Southern Africa and now permantly located in the UK. Mainly shot small and large plains game in Southern Africa, also Vermin and other species. Love being out in nature and would go off into the bush with a rifle and backpack, live of the land and not return for days....what a life!!

    Also a member of another forum that concentrates on vermin shooting and that's how I came across your forum, very glad I found it and have already contacted a couple of people via yours...thanx!

    Currently have a few rifles on my ticket to include .22rf, .223 and .308 as well as shotguns and an air rifle for the backgarden pests.

    Hope I can make contributions in future.



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    Hello Scout556

    Welcome to the site mate.

    I work in Westminster London and Live in Kent, so not that far from you!

    Good Luck


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    Hi there, I also live in London. I think there are quite a few of us...

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