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Thread: Bacon butties and coke can stoves

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    Bacon butties and coke can stoves

    I enjoy my stalking but also like the comforts of home, especially when it comes to tea and food. Recently I was expressing the view that it might be nice to make bacon butties for lunch or breakfast while out and about and it just so happened that a friend was getting into making "stoves" mostly, it must be said, for his own entertainment.

    Given this I thought to build one myself and give it a try and it has worked very well indeed based upon my testing to date. Clearly this isn't one for the gadget freaks but rather will be of interest to those who like to build their own stuff and get some amusement from doing so. However, take yourself over to youtube and take a look at the folks on there building stoves out of empty drinks cans:

    If you enjoy building stuff yourself, especially when it is free and only requires a couple of empty coke cans, then it is well worth giving this a go. I'm running mine on meths at the minute but will investigate other sources of fuel as the meths around here is quite expensive. I've done some testing with my 2nd prototype and it makes enough heat, even with a bit of a breeze, to fry stuff on my non-stick pan but I think my jet holes are a little on the large side so further development is required.
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    Thats cool, guess what i'll be doing tomorrow!

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    Must try that one. The burner looks very much like the brass burner in my old Trangia stove.

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    I think it is, basically, a trangia except that you get to make it yourself and so you can experiment with the design so there is a lot of fun to be had.
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