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Thread: A nice six pointer

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    A nice six pointer

    Shot this buck last sunday morning on a permission 5 mins down the road.
    Here are some pics after i boiled him out.

    Quite pleased with the result.
    I think he might be 3 or 4 years old, what do you guys think
    Is it worth getting measured?


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    i hear you can pick up a gold from your local spar shop, for about 60p a pint
    not that i'm an expert but it does look a little unevenly balanced and not quite symetrical with the coronets a little on the slim side
    so i'm guessing it wont carry enough weight either
    but who knows it might go bronze if you are lucky but feel it is unlikely from the pic
    but still a very nice first buck

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    On an old kitchen scales around 450grams. So not that accurate i'm affraid.


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    450g will be in bronze CIC status dependant on the other variations.
    However they should be allowed (i think it is) 3 months to dry out, so that will reduce it a bit.

    Dependant on where you are? there are a few chaps to measure it in the south of england.

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    Looks like it might be a little light in weight. The bleaching of the antlers wont help as this affects overall natural colouring. Nice head though.

    Looking at the teeth, he is 2 or 3 years old. Looking at the photos there is no wear on the molars. It is not a scientific process and there wil be many guesses to the age.

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    By a Swedish Quik-Fix formula it is about 102.8 points but will lose points as it dries out .
    Bronze starts at 105 so I do not think it will make the grade .
    Do NOT cut the scull though as there is a standard deduction for an uncut scull in the C.I.C. formula .


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    If you're going to be at Cirencester tomorrow I can stick my gold medal head in the car and we can compare - mine only just made gold but you can gauge your head alongside it if that would help?


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    Take your scales as weight is very important for any comparison .

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    I think he might be 3 or 4 years old, what do you guys think

    Nice buck!
    I think you are right. More likely 3 (2nd head) I would say. Although it would be good to see the teeth from the top not from the side..


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