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Thread: New Gloucestershire Gun Shop

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    New Gloucestershire Gun Shop

    I Popped in yesterday for a look. Very impressed. As before, the guy does know his stuff and as it's his own place he has no constraints as to what he can stock. Unfortunately his competition is already giving him a hard time, including ringing his guest for his open evening and suggesting he didn't turn up which obviously means they're worried, and so they should be! I spent the best part of an hour there, plied with coffe and bought a couple of boxes of ammo that I haven't used before but which he recommended highly, we will see. In terms of stock, being new he is a bit limited but has Howa and Heym in stock with more on the way. I for one will be giving him as much support as I can and would urge anyone near enough to drop in, he is knowledgable, young and keen and doesn't rely on selling tarts clothes. It's very refreshing to find such an outfit these days. Highly recommended.

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    Sounds good to me. Where is this place then? I'm willing to check out anyone new. Although I'm more than happy with Mark Hazels Gunroom in Wotton (where I get most of my stuff), I do like to spread my money around a bit to help all the good places as best I can.

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    Barnsley, just the other side of Cirencester. The Gloucestershire gun room is the name, run by Alistair Blant. Mark Hazels is OK but has severely limited stock and is hideously expensive for ammo, although he is on my doorstep I would sooner go to Cirencester.

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    I may give them a try then. I quite like Alistair, nice lad. I guess he's got good gun sales experience from the Cotswold shooting company and he also had a job with guntrader I think. I found him a very pleasant salesman.

    I order bullets from Mark a lot. You are right his prices do seem a little steep but he's a no bull kind of guy which I like.

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    I would say that the best gunshop for service that I have been in for a very long time is 'Witshire Rod & Gun' run by Tony Manvell,he is a top bloke and his ammo is very reasonable.I was in there the other day picking out bits and bobs(as you do)and,when I went for my wallet,I only had my cert wallet,and,believe it or not,he said that's ok,pay when you come in next.Now for a couple of quid I would of been impressed,but,for £60.00 I was amazed,and,that is why he will get my custom from now on.You must repay good service with your custom................'M'

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    I second re'M'ington on that... Tony at WRG got me an excellent deal when I bought my old sako, and always seemed to be a decent price on ammo.

    I grew up going to school in Wotton. I have used Mark Hazels form time to time but I tend to stear away from him now - he is expensive and was always focused on sporting shotguns and the similar. Plus, when I was a lot younger he sold me a rather sketchy 12g SA - which was a bugger to shift even as a PX - long time ago, but a bad taste none the less...



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    I had a Webley Hawk mark 3 air rifle.
    I took it to Mark Hazels and he replaced the main spring.
    It still would not shoot straight so I took it to Newavon arms in Bristol and they said the gun was shagged out and they said why, old age and wear.
    I also bought a Bushamster 4x32 scope from Hazel or which I was charged £60.
    This was 6-7 years ago.
    I was after a Sako Finfire 5 years ago, Hazels new price was £500, Newavon wanted £450.
    I live 6 miles away from Wotton and go to Newavon arms in Pill for my guns and ammo, on my way to Portishead SC.

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    I try not to knock people too much, I just find Mark Hazel very expensive, also I like to deal with people who tend to be able to back up their opinions with actions. Before Alistair was at Cotswold Shooting he spent a few years with E J Churchill at West Wycombe. Make no bones about it, he knows his guns and ammunition, he has excellent contacts within the trade for any gunsmithing requirements. I genuinely wish him well, I believe we have the need for a top quality gun shop in Gloucestershire, one where the BS doesn't make you want to puke and where selling clothes to pay the overheads is not the priority. I have no objection to people making a decent living but I won't have my leg lifted either.

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