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Thread: Swaging 6.5mm Bullets

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    Swaging 6.5mm Bullets

    Someone is asking about 6.5 Bullets using HMR/WMR cases for jackets.
    Trimming the bottleneck off of a HMR case or altering the length of a WMR case seemed to be a bit problematical.
    Cross cutting thin wall tube is never a really good idea!

    This ok for you Simon?


    A shell-holder for the RCBS TrimPro

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    Nice. I wondered about that.~Muir

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    Yep nice one mate! Will the current de rim die work with a longer punch?

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    That de-rim is for .22LR case only and only to swage up to 6mm.
    Remember the flare it makes on the case mouth?

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