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Thread: Duck and other game on my land?.......

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    Duck and other game on my land?.......

    Hi all, If this is posted elsewhere my apologies, please re direct me.

    A friend, who's land I have permission on has asked if I can shoot some duck. However my worry is, the duck fly over or migrate across the land to get to a neighbouring pond, which the neighbour feeds to encourage them. The neighbour does actually shoot them himself. So am I legally allowed to shoot these duck on my permission,If they fly over or are actually on the land and in season ?
    Does the same apply to all game for example Pheasants?
    Many thanks

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    If game, ducks etc are on land which you own or have permission to shoot on then you can shoot them provided they are in season. Game is not owned per se by the land owner. The fact that they are released and fed next door is irrelevant to your ability to shoot them provided they are on your land. There is though a little matter of neighbourly harmony and it is constant moan that somebody else is shooting my pheasants, when the birds turn up five miles away.

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    There is no reason not to shoot the ducks and pheasants as they cross your land it is totally legal, but it might upset your neighbour as he is feeding them and I suspect they would not be there if he wasn't.
    So try not to shoot on the days that they are shooting and don't be greedy.

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    why not speak to the neighbour see if you both could shoot on the same day explain that you yu have been asked to shoot a few duck
    see his reaction if he a decent sort of chap he may invite you along then you could do the same to him etc or more likely he not going to be very happy that you going to be shooting at his duck so to speak
    in my opinion its always better to try to speak to the other person first stu

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    I agree with all that has been said above....BUT.....protect your shooting permission! If the land owner who grants you permission has specifically asked you to shoot some duck, then
    I would shoot them or you may risk him getting someone else to do it.

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    Thankyou all for your replies. I will chat to my friend/landowner. Hopefully have Christmas feast at the end of it :-)

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    If these are wild birds put some feeders out yourself on your permission away from your neighbors but if these are birds he's released that's a different story nothing to stop you shooting them on your land but your neighbor will be well pissed !

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    I would say u are legaly allowed to shoot anything on that ground or in air above that u have permission for (althou i'm pretty sure all shot has to stay within ur property boundries)

    Morally be a different matter, if the neighbour is feeding duck to shoot and u are shooting them as they flight in i'd be mightly p**sed off. There are more arguments caused by neighbouring shoots/syndicates attempting to pinch each others birds than anything else, not worth the hassle for a few birds.

    Althou could depend on many things size of ur ground (big garden> farm) numbers of birds involved(is it a private/mates shoot or commercial keeper who is trying to make profit/keep job) and the people involved.

    I'd speak to the neighbour possibly he can feed the birds differently so as not to annoy ur mate or at least get the his shoot dates and shoot say after he has, esp with duck if u shot the day or 2 before his shoot would be very few ducks on pond.

    Really common sense and put yourself in his shoes, how would u feel if you had the pond and paid for feed for it and he decided to shoot birds as they came in day before u were shooting, all legal but very likely to upset u. Like others have said if ur very open with him probably a chance he could invite u along to his shoot or even combine ur 2 bits of land in future if it benefitted u both?
    Not worth falling out and generally shooting communiites are fairly small be very easy to get a bad rep over esp for something that u are actually in the right for.

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    And don't forget you can only shoot them with non toxic shot

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