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    Hello everyone! I am the member who posted the recent discussion about wolf reintroduction. I apologize I didnt do the intro first ( im not used to posting on message boards). So here goes: I am from the north east of scotland and have a BA (Hons) in business management and an MSc in conservation and the management of protected areas. I have done work on the captive breeding program for the scottish wildcat project and written a couple of management plans for greenland white-fronted geese and basking sharks. I have also been involved in bat monitoring and bird counts at St Abbs head. My experience with deer is limited to captive populations where have worked in various places with: north american elk, red, roe, muntjac, axis, hog, chinese water, fallow, sika, pere davide and bactrain deer. I didnt always appreciate deer but after working with them i truly have found a passion for them.

    As somebody asked what makes me a conservationist, i'm not sure if any of the above counts but i like to think so.

    As stated in my post i am interested in wolf reintroduction and have just completed a study in the Glen Affric area regarding this. I posted on this site purely to hear comments and discuss the topic and in no way want to offend anybody who feels that i would like to steal their land, deer or livelihood in anyway. I am also not trying to convince anybody one way or the other, just discuss the topic.

    My only experience with guns is fire arm safety with a 222.50 rifle.

    I absolutely love the Scottish highlands and think it is the most beautiful place I have ever been, i would just like it if there was greater diversity of large mammal. However i understand that this may not be possible given the changes in landscape over the last 200 years.

    Once again thanks to everybody that took an interest and posted and sorry about the late introduction!

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    Good introduction, I don't agree with you on wolf re-introduction, but this is an open forum, and as such you are every bit as entitled to your opinion as the next person.

    Are the papers you have written on Greenland white-fronts available to the general public, if so where can I view them please.

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    Welcome to the site, at last . Remember this is an introduction thread so please keep any other discussions in the appropriate forum.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYB View Post
    Welcome to the site, at last . Remember this is an introduction thread so please keep any other discussions in the appropriate forum.


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    Welcome. I can see why you chose to come on this site. Must shooters are interested in conservation although we are not portrayed in that light.

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    Would be interested in seeing any Glen affric work, I'm involved in work in that area.

    Always interested in wider discussion on deer and environment.

    Good to get another angle on things

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    Welcome to the site, judging by your first post, I'm looking forward to some interesting discussions with you.I do understand your interest in wolf re-introduction, I cant imagine my part of the world without them.

    All the best Alberta Boy

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